Frquently Asked Questions

We've tried to set the most frequently questions and our answers to them on this page. If you've questions which are not answered here, please don't hesitate and contact us .

Is sniping illegal?


What happens if two ü users bid on the same item?

The bidder with the highest max bid will win. If both bids are equal, the first bidder wins. But this is very unlikely.

What are groups?

You can use groups to bid on similar items on eBay. Group this items, if one is won, ü stops bidding on the remaining items.

To create a group, click on the boxes on the left of the bids you want to group and click on "Group".

Why did i loosed the auction? I bidded more than the winner!

You may indeed have had a slightly higher bid, but eBay has minimum bid increment requirements. More information on